Thursday, 28 April 2016

The end

Six years, two months, 10 days. That was when I published my first blog post on Queenie & the Dew.

I wrote recently about needing some big changes in my life. Changes that focus on thriving with less. Less 'stuff', less digital clutter, less debt. And, after thinking long and hard, I've realised that until I get back to what's truly important in life, I will never, ever feel fulfilled or happy.

I will always be on the hamster wheel of wanting a bigger house and more 'stuff'.
I will always be glued to a screen looking at endless emails, tweets, blog posts, feeds.

I will have less and less time living. Really living.
I will have less and less time to spend with the people who really matter.

I want to live a big life, and it's time to make that goal a reality. So here it is: no more house clutter, no more digital clutter (except for the odd photo here and here), no more blog. No more hamster wheel.

Six years.

It's been an adventure, but now is time for a new one. And I can't wait.

Thanks for reading xx