Friday, 31 August 2012

Brains exhibition at London's Wellcome Collection

Brains Exhibition at the Wellcome Collection

London is awash with fantastic free museums, and a couple of months ago the Wellcome Collection hosted an exhibition about brains.

My experience of the Wellcome Collection has always been positive. The museum's previous High Society exhibition about the use of drugs was fascinating, so in my opinion, Brains was guaranteed to hit the spot. I wasn't disappointed.

Brains Exhibition at the Wellcome ColBrains Exhibition at the Wellcome Collectionlection

^ First up was this incredible laser etching called My Soul by Katherine Dowson. Katherine had an MRI scan done of her brain as part of some research into dyslexia. She used the scan as the basis for this incredible 3D etching.

Brains Exhibition at the Wellcome Collection

^ Brain Collecting by Daniel Alexander. The brains in this image were taken from the Brandenburg State Hospital in Germany, which was converted into a euthanasia killing centre by the Nazis.

Brains Exhibition at the Wellcome Collection

^ Slices of Albert Einstein's brain, which were only displayed for the first time in 2011.

Brains Exhibition at the Wellcome Collection

^ The pre-historic act of trephination (or trepanning) involved cutting a hole in the skull in order to release pressure on the brain, which was believed to treat seizures, migraines and mental disorders.

Trepanning is believed to be the oldest form of surgical intervention that has archaeological evidence. While some people died during the procedure, many would have survived, and there is evidence of the skull starting to grow back.

Brains Exhibition at the Wellcome Collection

I'm fascinated by anatomy, but had never seen a brain close up. It's hard to imagine that every thought and emotion I have stems from a spongey maze of grey matter.

Well done Wellcome Collection for yet another brilliant exhibition.

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