Friday, 17 January 2014

Diary of a hoarder

I’m Sally and I’m a hoarding addict. It’s true. My wardrobe is out of control. I’ve crammed as many hangers as I can possibly fit onto the rail, dresses doubled and tripled up. It’s a nightmare. Piles of stationery and letters lie untouched in boxes under my bed. I have trays of toiletries that I’ll probably never use, and shoes that are battered and broken. I can’t help myself. I hate throwing anything away.

My nail polish collection

I can’t explain my rationalisation for storing 4 Pritt Sticks and 7 rolls of sellotape in (one of my many) stationery box(es), keeping clothes that are way past their life span, or having over 50 nail polishes, many of which are too gloopy and old to use. In some areas of my life the hoarding has a positive effect – I rarely waste food for example – but 10 sets of bed linen? Come on. This is getting silly. I’ve realised something has to change. Spring cleaning has come early (and not just so I can make way for my January sale shopping).

Next month Frank and I move in together, which is mind bogglingly exciting, but the painful realisation that I will have to pack up all my belongings and shift them to another location (that’ll be 11 times in 10 years) makes me feel a little bit sick. I’m determined to cut all the crap out of my life, which inevitably gets hauled from one flat to the next before being shoved to the back of another cupboard.

Sommaren Innan Allt Förändras, 2012. ♥/>

My hoarding days are officially over. They have to be. I’m decluttering. Starting… now. It’s true I’ve said this before, and six months later I’m still hoarding clothes that don’t fit, and probably never will. So I’m using the impending house move to be strict with myself and say, “Sally! That top didn’t fit when you bought it and it won’t fit now, sell your prom dress that hasn’t seen the light of day since 2001, and rid yourself of the Converse that have holes in the soles”. Enough is enough.

I have exactly 5 weeks before I have to move, so over the next 5 weekends I will be tackling various areas of my flat (and life), selling as much as I can on Music Magpie to earn some dollar for moving house, donating other bits to charity, hosting a blog sale and binning the rest.

Any tips and tricks for shedding my excessive rubbish would be welcome. Wish me luck!


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  1. wish you the best of luck! I hear somewhere that decluttering makes people feel better with themselves... :)

  2. *ahem* this sounds familiar. I can get rid of stuff I don't want but the trouble is that I quite often just move it to another place than get it out of the house. Spare room is overflowing. Oooops. Good luck x
    And HURRAH that you're moving in with Frank, eeep!

  3. Good luck fellow hoarder! The only advice I can give is just be ruthless and ask yourself do I need this? I had to do this on my last move from a big house up north to a tiny flat in London. Have fun! :) x