Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Harry Potter specs

My main new year's resolution comes under the broad banner of 'health'. Looking back over 2013, I feel like it was a little bit plagued with problems, predominantly due to developing a dairy intolerance and needing physio for a disk in my neck. I'm also the biggest I've ever been, so weight loss is firmly on the agenda, along with plenty of healthy food and exercise. I know pretty much everyone will have these same resolutions, but there it is in black and white. Health is important, and I want to start taking mine seriously.

There are a few subheads under my 'health' theme. Obviously there's 'solve neck problems', which includes focusing on my posture and doing pilates regularly. Then there's 'avoid dairy and eggs', which is easier said than done but includes trialling some yummy dairy- and egg-free recipes. And then there's other things, like 'wear glasses twice a week'. You may raise an eyebrow at this one, but on my last trip to the optician, he scolded me for wearing my fresh look contacts every single day for up to 17 hours a day. I wanted to say "well they shouldn't feel so comfy then" (I love wearing contact lenses) but instead I bowed my head and took the scolding that I deserved. The truth is, contacts are fab, but maybe I shouldn't wear them quite as often and as long as I have been...

So when Vision Express offered me a pair of their glasses* to try, I thought I'd dive in with an altogether different approach. It was a bit of a gamble: amid the bold black geek frames and square metal specs, I spotted these tortoiseshell Harry Potter frames and knew they deserved a try.

I'm really happy with the result. They are a little different, granted, but why not? If I'm only wearing them twice a week they're a fun addition to my optical wardrobe.

Vision Express

Vision Express


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  1. Ahh they are so amazing, I love quirky frames so much! <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  2. They're really cute. I can feel that I need to go for another eye check, i was told last time that I'd need glasses next time I went.
    TBH though, I used to be the kid at school who always wanted glasses!