Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Make a Date

One of the things I felt very aware of when I first moved in with Frank was the need to keep things fresh and romantic. When we first started dating, I’d spend days deciding what to wear, what nail polish to use on my toes, which heels I could comfortably walk in – even what perfume to spritz on my wrists.

Once the brushing, buffing, cleansing, moisturising polishing and scrubbing was finally complete, I’d step gingerly into a restaurant or bar and mentally check myself so as not to spend the rest of the evening tugging at the hem of my skirt, blotting my lipstick or flipping my fringe away from my eyes.

As you get used to seeing someone every day, it’s only natural that the effort starts to wane. In some ways I love that I feel so comfortable around Frank that I don’t scuttle out of a darkened room in the mornings to apply a full face of make-up. I can be silly, and honest, and natural. That’s all part of the charm.

But dating is an altogether different demon, and at times I find myself guilty of swapping my platforms for pyjamas, opting to slump on the sofa instead of putting on a pretty frock and booking a table for dinner.

A little while back, we decided to make a promise that amid the sofa vegging, flat cleaning, gym bunnying and blogging we would always find time for a date. It would seem great minds think alike, because Westfield shopping centre in London recently launched their Make a Date campaign, where they're challenging couples to head on over and swap retail for romance. Always up for a challenge, we decided to give it a whirl.

Truth be told I've never been to Westfield before. I like to do my shopping in short spats, and after a few minutes in a shopping centre (usually during the Christmas rush) I tend to find myself hot, bothered and racing for the exit. When I think of Westfield, I think of endless rows of shops, so we were excited to see what they had on offer in the 'date' department.


First up we had a little mooch about Westfield Stratford to get our bearings, before heading over to All Star Lanes for some bowling. Definitely one of those good old fashioned 'date' activities, we booked our lane, donned our shoes and pulled on our game faces. Having been bowling just once in the past 5 years, it took a while to get into the swing of it, and I managed a fair few gutter balls (and a strike too!)





After bowling, we fancied something a little less vigorous, so popped over to Searcy's champagne bar for a glass of fizz. Beautiful long slender glasses and good conversation, it was lovely to carve out a little quiet moment on a busy Saturday, watching the world go by.



Of course no trip into London during the World Cup would be complete without a Brazilian-themed beverage either!





For dinner we opted for tapas, and headed to El Cantara, a quiet, small little diner. We ordered a huge array of delicious dishes including chorizo in red wine, humous, meatballs, prawns and patatas bravas. Yum yum yum!



IMG_0208 2




Naturally I couldn't quite let a trip to Westfield happen without a teensy bit of shopping. We had an M&S voucher from Frank's parents as a moving gift, so we bought useful things (salt and pepper mills and champagne flutes). I also bought a couple of tops from Zara, and Frank bought me a beautiful necklace from Accessorize.


Not wanting the date to end, we decided to pick up a dvd of The Trip with Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon, so we could carry our date on at home. We came home shattered, full of delicious food and feeling very loved up indeed :)



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  1. Aww, love your neckalce and this looks like such a lovely date :) X

  2. We have Westfield over here! But this looks a lot nicer than what we have on Long Island. Oh well. But that food looks DIVINE.