Wednesday, 9 July 2014

To wedding blog or not to wedding blog, that is the question

A few years ago one of my best friends announced she was getting married. I was thrilled for her. Genuinely, unequivocally and completely thrilled. What I didn’t tell her was that this came shortly after my first reaction: dismay.

Our friendship was perfect. I didn’t want it to change. In my mind her engagement upset the balance of our friendship. Rather than the gentle to and fro of conversation topics focusing on her life and then mine, there would be one overarching theme: wedding planning. What’s more, I’d have to share her with all the other well-wishers and friends wanting to help and support her. I became more and more worried about whether this would rock the boat of our friendship. Would she become a wedding bore? And then a baby bore? Is that the only thing we’d have to talk about?

I’m being bitterly honest here, and the fact is, it was never a problem. She didn’t become a one-trick pony, and I in my then-single state enjoyed rolling up my sleeves and helping. But now I find myself on the other side of the fence, trying very hard to brush off the engagement chat when people ask, sometimes to the extent that I can’t even enjoy it for myself.

And then there’s the blogging thing. Do I blog about my wedding plans and risk being a bore? Or do I keep schtum and tweet about my latest Topshop purchase when really I’m scouring wedding websites?

The last thing I want is for people to feel they can’t relate to me anymore, and I know how it feels. Everyone is different, but as a blog reader, I like variety, and I tend to gravitate towards blogs with varied content, or else dip into themed blogs (like running or food) as and when I feel the need. I love hearing snippets about people’s landmark moments: their weddings, their babies, their new jobs and their travels, but ‘snippets’ is the operative word here. I’m not a mother, so while I love seeing your gorgeous family photos and hearing about Freddy’s first words, reading post after post of baby, baby baby will inevitably lead to my mouse hovering over the ‘delete’ button on my Bloglovin’ feed. Shallow? Maybe, but with so many great blogs out there, I want to read things that inspire and motivate me. When I have my own family, I’ll probably be hankering over these posts. When I travel more or get a new job, I’ll do the same. That’s just how it is. Life goes through seasons.

As a newly-engaged lifestyle blogger, I’ve been trying to decide how much to write about my wedding plans, especially when I know it won’t appeal to lots of you. I’ve thought long and hard about it, and at one stage decided not to write about it at all. But then it occurred to me – this blog is a lifestyle blog. An online scrapbook documenting my highs, lows, likes, dislikes and everything in between. And this wedding is part of my life. Decision made.

So I will be blogging from time to time about the wedding, but I promise not to ostracise you all with endless monologues about colour schemes, dress beading and first dance options. As the least wedding-y person ever, I’d like to take you on this little journey with me and welcome your thoughts and ideas (aka HELP!). For starters I’ve almost fallen at the first hurdle with my choice of engagement ring. Solitaire diamond? Clusters? Yellow gold? Platinum? Sapphires? Rubies? Old? New? I thought I was set on an old ring until I discovered Vashi online. I’ve been having to restrain my little magpie eyes from wanting the shiniest, prettiest thing I can find without thinking it through. Hopefully all this will be just another mini life adventure. Be patient with me!


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  1. It sounds like you've made the best choice- many people (myself included!) will want to hear what you've been getting up to on the wedding planning front but on the other hand others may not, so this way you'll keep us nosey people happy while keeping the overall feel of your blog consistent. I'm in a similar boat in that I wasn't sure how much of my pregnancy to share on my lifestyle blog- before getting pregnant I'd skip any pregnancy/baby related posts as I had no use for them, and I'd hate for my readers to feel the same.

    It's important to remember though that although not everyone can relate to/take an interest in planning a wedding, it's such a massive, exciting time for you and Frank, so don't feel like you have to downplay it to keep other people happy!

    Congratulations again!
    Ann xx
    Prattle and Froth

    1. P.S, even if you choose not to blog much about the planning process, I would really recommend putting a scrapbook or diary together right from the beginning. I love seeing how my ideas changed and developed over the months before the wedding, and so I'm glad that I recorded little things like dress fittings and squabbles over table decor so I can look back in years to come and remember :) x

    2. Thanks lady! The scrapbook is a great idea. I guess there's so much focus on the end product that it's nice to remember the thought processes you went through as well. I'm definitely going to make a trip to Paperchase for a scrapbook :) I just hope I don't look back on it in years to come and wish I'd gone for the original ideas. Ha! xx

  2. awhh Sally, this is why I love reading what you have to say! You always seem to get it spot on! xx

  3. Perfect!! Totally agree with you, lifestyle blogs should be bits of everything, otherwise I end up doing the same! Looking forward to hearing about your wedding plans though! xx